The Union District Baptist Association, which is voluntarily associated with Baptist organizations such as the Consolidated Missionary Baptist State Convention of Arkansas and the National Baptist Convention, USA Inc., is a union of Baptist churches, their pastors and members. This union was formed for the purpose of promoting evangelism, home missions, foreign missions, Christian education, benevolence, and programs and activities recognized as Christian in the Baptist tradition, and consistent with the instructions, admonitions, and principles of the Holy Bible.

Our vision is to strengthen the Union District Baptist Association by bridging the gap between our past and our present. We will use creative leadership techniques that will transition our district into cutting edge ministry. Also, we will take an economically balanced approach to secure a healthy financial status that will allow us to expand our reach as a collection of churches. As a district, we strive to; Bridge the gap between our past and present, embrace creative leadership techniques, and establish a healthy financial status.