Lead Moderator Dwight D. Townsend Sr.
Vice Moderator at Large David Featherstone
1st Vice Moderator Clarence Thornton
2nd Vice Moderator Jameel Wesley
Director of Ministers’ Division Rickey Lawson, Sr.
Women’s Auxiliary President Jeanne Moss
Laymen’s President Derek Cromwell
Congress President W.W. Walker, Jr.
Congress Dean Roy Elliot
Young People’s Director Emmogene Moore
Business Manager Kenneth Martin
Comptroller Greg Stewart
Treasurer Terry Williams
Financial Secretary Teresa Burl
Director of Communications Sidney Milton, Sr.
Director of Outreach Charles Caradine
Director of Recruitment & Reclamation Rodney Harris
Co-Director of Recruitment & Reclamation Corey Wiley
Director of Music Cheryl Thornton
Usher’s President Spencer Davis